Real customer journey discovery, visualisation and analysis automation

Discover user traces, points of conversion loss and operational leaks
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Better UX and performance

15% of points make 80% of operational and UX issues decreasing customer experience and pushing users to leave the product

Higher conversion rates

90% of users leave e-commerce storefront or SaaS after encountering a problem or not finding the necessary information. Grow conversion rates by learning the points where customers face the issues and drop off

Real CJM discovery

70% of product teams do not know the real processes from the user's eyes, and therefore operate on assumptions rather than facts

The real user journey is completely different from the planned one

Customers experience operational and technical issues throughout a journey like

We empower marketing teams to discover, visualise and analyse the real user journey automatically per touchpoint and find insights where your company loses money

user issues discovery
user issues discovery
user events aggregation
  • To use Insightarc you need to have a source of user events e.g. web analytics, backend software logs, CRM or offline events
  • Use browser for access into Insightarc personal space
  • Upload user events from web analytics, CRM, backend or offline manually with CSV/XLS file or sending data directly from the data warehouse via API

Insightarc aggregates the array of user events from data sources and automatically builds real journey maps with actionable insights about operational issues that customers meet

  • Gain visibility on how customers interact with your product in detail
  • Find the abnormal customer activities and issue points customers face
customer journey intelligence
CJM data uploading

Traditional web analytics is fine for data screening and basic dashboards, but useless to see the nature of user interactions, discover the issues the user experienced and working with backend events, and offline touchpoints
Insightarc builds the customer journey as it is from interfaces to offline actions like delivery services, call center operations, etc.


Want to know

The choice of experts to find out the user journey at their products

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  • Data manual uploading up to 50 Mb
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