Add more product value for your clients so they can do more with you

Insightarc makes typically dozens of hours of CRO & UX research jobs in 30 minutes, enabling marketing experts to automatically discover issues within clients' customer journey

  • Keep clients stay with your agency after a contract is executed.
    Add a longtime product value to your core marketing duties with automated customer journey analytics.
  • Increase LTV and ROI per client.
    Knowing the client's web or online store issues, you can add a continuous product value and act proactively initiating a new contract.
  • Increase productivity per client by automating manual customer drill-down and research jobs.
Automate manual research without being on the client's side
  • No more reviewing of playback recordings for dozens of hours
  • No more reviewing of heatmaps per case or audience
  • No more drill-downs in statistical metrics and funnels
  • No more continuous tech reviews